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midlife dynamics ACADEMY

Q3 2022

A full week edutainment retreat which will help you to renew, recharge but more importantly re-define your life purpose, identify your calling with confidence, professional guidance and new perspectives. In deep connection with culture, architecture and music in Mcely, Nelahozeves and Prague, historical jewel of Europe.

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is this program for you?

It was carefully designed for midlifers in their 40's and 50's who have achieved success in their executive career or built a successful enterprise and now tiny voice inside their mind is asking: "Now what? What's next? What should I do with my life?"


learn new skills

recharge batteries

unique location


music & architecture


new friends


clear plan

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’’Imagine you know who you really are,
where you go, and how you get there.’’

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our unique 5g concept

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Our unique 5G concept will guide you through your midlife transition utilizing a set of proven tools and transformation techniques.


Prepare, self-assess, pre-read, get ready for the change and growth mindset

get clear

Know your core identity, purpose, and your best place

get vibrant

Recharge and manage your energies, build good habits and supporting competencies

get free

Create capacity, supporters and margin in your life to start the new journey

get going

Set goals, create your own action plan and take the first steps



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You will learn how to manage yourself, your energy better, how to develop new mindsets and habits

Mornings: Meditations, sports, energy management workshops, guided 5G sessions 

Afternoons: Philosophical discussions, individual and peer coaching work, collective discussions in mastermind setup, experiential activities

Evenings: Preparatory readings, splendid midlife book journaling, inspirational sessions with guests



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  • Know what you want in future and how to get it

  • Know which gifts, values, and talents you can rely on

  • Your personalized book of wonderful midlife with all the plans recorded

  • Know “your place” and who belongs there

  • Learn how to change mindset to focus on your priorities

  • Create habits shaped to your personality

  • Know what is your safety net on your midlife journey

  • Know how to live much healthier life and where to go for the latest information

  • Make new friends who will support you on the journey

  • Increased self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • Clear direction and priorities

  • Become more conscious midlifer making more conscious decisions more often

  • Know your fears and how to face them

  • Understand what brings you energy and what drains you

  • Learn to say no to things they don't serve you

  • Design a roadmap for coming decades of your life

  • Identify your new purpose and mission TO guide you in the coming decades of your life

  • Become a Midlife Dynamics alumni with access to wide network of interesting people




Program Guide


David's personal purpose that he found in midlife is to inspire more people to make more conscious decisions more often. He has broad experience ranging from leading executive roles in multinational enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurial projects and ventures in education. As a great example of Modern Midlife Mentor, David is eager to pass his experience on. He finds ways to help both companies and individuals to make more conscious decisions more often on their way to continuous self-development and successful midlife transitions. Alumni of Modern Elder Academy led by Chip Conley. Forever learning from any personal development resource available globally as well as from every participant of our programs.
Find out more about David here.


Program Guide


Mario's mission in life that he realizes through MMM is to inspire and support people to realize their talents to the fullest. He has a strong leadership background in financial services, plus advisory roles for start-ups and not-for-profit organizations. Mario considers himself a Modern Midlife Mentor as he is passionate about providing mentorship to emerging leaders as well as supporting midlifers in their midlife transitions. 


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Our hosts and also guest speakers will be James Cusumano and Prince William Lobkowitz. Jim is an American musician, entrepreneur, but also an alchemist and these days also a hotelier, who has already successfully transitioned 4 times in his life. He will be our host in Chateau Mcely, the main venue. William will welcome us in Nelahozeves castle (part of it is the birth house of Antonin Dvorak, composer of New World Symphony) and in Prague castle itself, where Lobkowicz Palace is situated. You will listen to stories and see (among others)  letters by Mozart and Beethoven addressed to Lobkowicz, thanking them for the support during many years of sponsoring them.

Chateau Mcely, our main venue, brings you a touch of culture and history as well as all needed modern comfort. Calm atmosphere of surrounding forests, great inner spaces, splendid rooms, healthy & tasty food, exclusive massages, amazing cultural experiences.

Our program in Czechia will help you learn how to manage your energy, body and mind and to get clarity on next steps in your life. It will be intense, culture enriched and full of deep experience!


what is included in the price?

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Price: $4.900


  • 7-day program guidance and instruction

  • All the educational materials

  • Beautiful accommodation

  • Tasty & healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • All the fitness & meditation activities

  • Offsite tours

  • Local transfers

  • Sunrise and sunset

Not included:

  • Travel to/from Mcely

  • Spa treatments of your choice

  • Tips and alcohol

In case of any question, we are here for you

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