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Modern Midlife Mentors (MMM) is the go-to transformation platform in Czech Republic and Slovakia, expanding into continental Europe and operating globally.

We inspire midlifers to make more conscious decisions more often in order to discover their full potential, to lead a happier, more fulfilled life.

John Doe





MMM Managing Partner, CEO, consultant, mentor, coach

David's personal purpose that he found in midlife is to inspire more people to make more conscious decisions more often. He has broad experience ranging from leading executive roles in multinational enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurial projects and ventures in education. As a great example of Modern Midlife Mentor, David is eager to pass his experience on. He finds ways to help both companies and individuals to make more conscious decisions more often on their way to continuous self-development and successful midlife transitions. Find out more about David here.



MMM Managing Partner, CEO, advisor, strategist, mentor

Mario's mission in life that he realizes through MMM  is to inspire and support people to realize their talents to the fullest. He has a strong leadership background in financial services, plus advisory roles for start-ups and not-for-profit organizations. Mario considers himself a Modern Midlife  Mentor as he is passionate about providing mentorship to emerging leaders as well as supporting midlifers in their midlife transitions.



MMM Partner, CEO, author, advisor, mentor

Dan's purpose is to learn, enjoy and live active, healthy and balanced life and inspire others to follow his footsteps. His international executive career spreads across four continents and wide array of professional experiences from the world’s most famous international brands to online start-ups. He truly enjoys working with diverse groups of leaders assisting them in addressing any business or personal life challenges as well as motivating them to move their bodies and enjoy wild adventures. Find out more about Dan here



MMM Partner, coach,  mentor, trainer, development designer 

Lucie is keen on people's growth, loves connecting people, ideas and opportunities. She integrates concepts from psychological study, coaching and agile courses to day to day business for more than 20 years. As a guide, coach, facilitator, trainer and mentoring program partner she creates space for leaders, teams and companies to be sustainably successful and enjoy what they do. She believes that there is a message in any situation and enjoys the adventure of learning. Humor, kindness and focus are key ingredients on the way.

David Vrba
Dan Frolec
Lucie Havlíková

our core values

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is what we seek and promote. We believe in the power of multiple intellects (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, transcendental), modern science, and a combination of modern and ancient philosophy.


we believe in the power of AND and CAN. We can be Vibrant AND wise, scientific AND spiritual, modern AND ancient, strong AND forgiving. We can do both - have a profit AND contribute to society. We must dedicate ourselves to find ways to integrate, not to divide and trade-off.


is a lifelong quest defining vitality. You are mentally young as long as you keep learning. Once you stopped learning, the impacts on your mental as well as physical wellbeing would be profound.


is what the modern world needs. Machines can overtake a large part of specific, technical tasks, allowing humans to focus on areas with more added value. People need coherent and trustworthy leadership not only in business but also in their communities.


is what we support across generations.The majority of leaders incline towards mentoring and coaching, as it is often their calling, an integral part of their identity and purpose. It definitely is a part of ours.


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we believe there is a growing demand for these three elements:

  1. For paradigm shifts among midlifers, longing for a more fulfilling second halftime of their lives;

  2. For a wisdom jump among younger leaders, when seventy-five per cent of young leaders long for more experienced mentors, willing to share their modern skillsets with them; 

  3. For cross-generational skill and vision enrichment. Many midlife leaders long for a higher purpose and greater contribution to the world, often encompassing sharing wisdom with younger leaders. 

’’When the student is ready, a teacher will appear"

Unknown sage

"When the teacher is ready, a student will appear"

Modern Midlife Mentor


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Inspired by, inter alia, Chip Conley and his Wisdom at Work, the EuroAcademy approach to Halftime transformation, the Jon Butcher Lifebook, Alain de Botton and other stoic philosophies, and Marshall Goldsmith’s coaching, we incorporate the following elements:

  • Holistic development of leaders benefiting from inspiring impulses of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and philosophical nature. There are positive synergies in constantly catering to those four planes of energies, and catering to multiple life categories for all the leaders.

  • For a transformation to be successful, dedication is crucial – together with a combination of guided discovery, collective support, and individual coaching. The wholehearted commitment starts with deep introspection and (re)discovery of individual purpose and calling, reaching the realms of spirituality. Stepping into a liminal place helps – an in-between place, where we have abandoned the old but have not yet fully accepted the new.

  • Development and transformations are neither sprints nor marathons, but fartleks. We combine one-off academies with midterm individual mentoring/coaching with long term collective support formats to make it happen. We provide support to individual processes: Get clear, Get vibrant, Get free and Get going.

  • Leadership growth starts with individual personal development, new beliefs and attitudes. It entails both learning and unlearning, both changing and letting go, supported by new skills (e.g., digital).

  • Obstacles are an inevitable part of life, as are many hiccups and failures on our individual paths to Life Mastery. Expecting them and consciously keeping the focus on higher motivation than immediate external gratifications keeps us balanced, happier and more productive.

  • We are all part of one humanity, though very different in our talents/beliefs/desires. One formula can, therefore, never work. So, we believe in mixing different sources and resources in a unique blend to support individual developments and transformations.

  • There are significant synergies between giving and getting, between vitality and wisdom. Therefore, mentoring and being mentored are very often integral parts of both the midlife transformation as well as the development of young leaders.

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three main pillars


guidance fOR
midlife leaders

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support young leaders

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leadership development

MMM offers multiple transformational learning formats geared toward those three pillars:

  • Midlife Dynamics Academy (MDA): Modern Midlife gain guidance and support through midlife transformation towards a new purpose. MD formats combine guided individual and group sessions and provide access to internal and external resources for learning and inspiration, leveraging connections to global institutions (such as Modern Midlife Academy of Chip Conley or EuroAcademy) and local institutions (such as Digiskills).

  • Midlife Dynamics Coaching (MDC) & Midlife Dynamics Mastermind (MDM): Development formats to support the midlife transformation of leaders, ideally taken as a follow-up to MDA, whose formats are also available independently.

  • Leadership Dynamics Academy (LDA): Young and aspiring leaders (often mentees) go through guided value-based training to develop leadership skills, from personal to management. Also, they get access to courses and curated knowledge sources on the selected most relevant topics, like Strategy, Culture, Transformation, The Science of Life.​

  • Leadership Dynamics Coaching (LDC) & Leadership Dynamics Mastermind (LDM): Support ongoing Value-based Leadership development through mastermind groups with the optional group mentoring/coaching element.

  • Leadership Mentoring Marketplace (LMM): Experienced Leaders associate with MMM because it provides the most appealing pool of young and aspirational leaders interested in mentoring. Young and aspiring leaders benefit from the exclusive quality and diversity of the Modern Midlife Mentors (MMMS), highly experienced leaders with international experience.

  • Leadership Services Marketplace (LSM): To facilitate needs outside the core mentoring area, MMM provides matching services for mentors willing to offer other related services (such as consulting or industry-specific advice).

  • MMM Club (MC): An invitation-only club of MMMs who want to learn together, share and get inspired in the mastermind setting.

inspired by

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